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CETEUS | Jean Monnet Chair

CETEUS was founded in 2016 at the University of Cologne. The Centre will continue the work of Professor Wessels Chair of European Politics with an emphasis on topics referring to Turkey and the European Union.

CETEUS | Branch Berlin

Bundesallee 23

D-10717 Berlin


Leitung: Dr. Funda Tekin

Tel.: +49 30 860 084 018

E-Mail: funda.tekin(at)

University of Cologne

CETEUS | Jean Monnet Chair| Prof. Dr. Wessels

Gottfried-Keller-Str. 1

(Mailing Address: Gottfried-Keller-Str. 6)

D-50931 Cologne



Tel.: +49 221 470-1431

Fax: +49 221 470-1492

E-Mail office: wessels-office(at)

E-Mail Prof. Dr. Wessels: wessels(at)

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