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"Europe@Work - Where the Ivory Tower meets Political Life" is an international and interdisciplinary teaching module for MA students of Political Science, Economics and selected students from other MA programs. The objective of the Jean Monnet Module is to bring first-hand understanding of both academic and everyday practice of EU decision-making by offering students insights in "real life" political processes and the possibility to "experience" the EU as a vivid political system and to meet politicans, practitioners and stakeholders in a national capital as well as the European capital Brussels.

"Europe@Work - Where the Ivory Tower meets Political Life" is embedded in the THESEUS project. THESEUS is a European network of thinkers, actors and ideas, whose aim is to foster an open and constructive dialogue between academia and politics  but also between generations about the future challenges of Europe. The partners of THESEUS are Sciences Po Paris, the Jean Monnet Chair of Political Science at the University of Cologne, the Trans European Policy Studies Association, Brussels, and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Cologne. Further information on: www.theseus-europe.net.

Europe@Work 2015 / 2016

In order to prepare the advanced seminar in the winter term 2015 / 2016, please visit also the first part of the Jean Monnet Module, which is the lecture by Prof. Dr. W. Wessels on "The European Council".

More information about the advanced seminar and excursion in the summer term 2016 will follow. The call will be in March 2016.


Lecture by Prof. Dr. W. Wessels - Winter term

Advanced seminar and excursion - Summer term

Roundtable discussion and public lecture - Summer term


Next Call: March 2016

Further information can be found on KLIPS.

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