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Alina Thieme, M.A.

Alina Thieme is a research associate at CETEUS, University of Cologne. Currently, she is Programme Manager for the establishment of the Master European and International Affairs at the Turkish German University in Istanbul, which is funded by the DAAD. She graduated from the University of Cologne in 2017 with a MA in Political Science and spent a semester abroad at the University of Southern Denmark. Further, she is holding a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science (Major) and Economics (Minor) from the University of Cologne.

During her studies, her research focused on European asylum policy, compliance with EU law and right-wing populism in Europe.

Alina has been working for CETEUS/ Prof Wessels’ Jean Monnet Chair since 2015. As a student assistant, she conducted research, edited scientific publications for Prof Wessels, and supported the team in applying for the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Network VIADUCT.


Turkish-German University (since September 2017)


Winter Term 2017/2018: 14335.207 Schwerpunktmodul Seminar Politikwissenschaft I: Verhandlungssimulation EU-Türkei-Gipfel (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels, Linda Dieke und Alina Thieme)

Winter Term 2017/2018: Die Zukunft der EU: Differenzierte Integration als Weg aus der Krise? (Seminar für Seniorenstudierende der Universität zu Köln)