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Conference Report - Towards a Differentiated Europe? -

The report of the conference which was jointly organised by CETEUS, ARENA/University of Oslo and COMOS e.V. is now available online - enjoy reading!

This year, the annual COMOS conference took place in Oslo and has been organised in collaboration with the Centre for European Studies ARENA (University of Oslo), and the Centre for Turkey and European Union Studies (University of Cologne). Against the background of the upcoming Brexit negotiations and the ongoing Bratislava process, this conference aimed at analysing both current dynamics within the EU and alternative forms of partnership with and within the EU. In particular, the conference focused on the future of EU- Norway relations by incorporating research from different disciplines and a practitioners perspective. By organising three thematic panels, this conference did not only strengthen scientific debates but also fostered the academic network in the area of EU studies by bringing together senior and junior scholars from the EU and Norway.