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Attain the Summit (Call for Contributions)

SUMMIT Conference

The European Council

Spreading knowledge and fostering research on a key institution

Europäische Akademie Berlin| 16-17 January 2017



The European Council takes centre stage within the EU’s institutional architecture concerning all major decisions on enlargement, treaty reform or foreign policy. During the on-going Eurozone crisis management, it has even extended its leading position in day-to-day policy-making. The dominant characteristic of the European Council is its de-facto influence beyond the wording of treaty articles – and that we observe an intergovernmental institution with surprisingly supranational impact. However, this key institution is still under-researched and often marginalised in teaching activities. Moreover, the general public tends to know little about the work of this EU institution and how it is embedded in the EU’s institutional framework.

Against this backdrop, the SUMMIT conference will gather leading scholars, high-level practitioners and up-and-coming young academics as well as representatives of civil society and educational institutions. By highlighting the need of dedicating research and teaching activities to a greater extent to the European Council and discussing convenient methods and tools, the SUMMIT conference will contribute to the dissemination of knowledge of this key institution. 

Main topics discussed at the conference will be:


  • Theoretical approaches on the European Council
  •  The European Council as a crisis manager
  •  The European Council and the future of the EU
  •  The European Council’s relations to other EU institutions
  •  The President of the European Council
  •  Preparing the European Council: Agenda-setting and pre-negotiations
  •  Teaching the European Council: Approaches and tools
  •  How to spread knowledge of the European Council

The deadline for expressions of interest is November 24th, 2016. Please send in

  •  an abstract (max. 300 words) of the paper or teaching tool you would like to present at one of our panels, or
  •  a short motivation letter and your CV if you strive for acting as a rapporteur or a commentator to a panel. 


Funding for participants’ travel expenses and accommodation is available to a limited amount. Please send the respective documents to Johannes MÜLLER GÓMEZ, SUMMIT project manager: johannes.mueller-gomez(at)uni-koeln.de. More information on SUMMIT can be found at www.summit.uni-koeln.de.